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Team T-Shirts

Team T-Shirts Make the Team!

More than any other factor, Team T-shirts help build team spirit prior to a Walk and unite a team the day of the Walk.

Team T-Shirts

Here are some key tips to keep in mind regarding Team T-shirts.

    • They should be bright and colorful so your team members catch people’s attention as they wear their shirt around town..
    • The designs, logos and slogans should be as creative and unique as possible so they are a conversation piece during and after the Walk. Team T-shirts are (in effect) walking billboards for your company or family team.
    • A great way for a company team of any type to develop creative and unique designs for its Team T-shirt is to sponsor a t-shirt design contest for its employees.
    • Another great way is to tap the talents of the company’s PR Department staff, or the family’s “in-house” artist/designer.
    • Good Team T-shirt designs almost always include both the company and family’s name & the event name (Walk with Us to Cure Lupus).
    • Our September 12 event will feature a Best Team T-Shirt Contest so be ready to win!
    • An especially important key point to remember is that Team T-shirts are paid for by the team so that every dollar raised in the Walk will go to support the Lupus Research Alliance and the research that it funds around the world.
    • Team T-shirts are a very effective walker recruitment tool if publicized and promoted by the team captain prior to the Walk. People love T-shirts, especially really cool ones.
    • Although creative and unique Team T-shirts are best, even the simplest design is better than no Team T-shirts at all. Get Started with Team T-shirts for this year!

    Click here to download our style guide to help with designing your T-Shirt.

    Download the logo by Right Clicking on it. Then click “save target or picture as”.

    Walk Logo

    Need help designing or ordering your team t-shirt? Have questions about the use of the logo? Please email walks@lupusresearch.org or call our Toll Free Walk Hotline at 1-866-WALK-257 (925-5257).

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