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Matthew T. Weirauch, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Research Foundation

A Free Website for Discovering Non-Coding Lupus- Associated Variant Function

By consolidating all of the available data-sets on genes and lupus onto one free website, Dr. Weirauch’s team will provide a vital, free tool that will enable investigators to advance our understanding of how genetics influences lupus onset and progression. Their unique initiative will create an interactive website that enables researchers to develop and test their hypothesis regarding the connections between genes and lupus using the website’s sophisticated analysis capabilities.


What this study means for people with lupus

By bringing together all of the available data on genes and lupus, the novel website developed by Dr. Weirauch and his colleagues will provide scientists worldwide with a powerful, new tool to research the links between genetics and lupus. This resource will contribute significantly to the collective understanding of how genetics plays a role in the disease and lay the foundation for the development of new therapies.

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