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Fu Man Shu, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine and Microbiology, Immunology & Cancer Biology
University of Virginia
Center for Immunity, Inflammation and Regenerative Medicine

Local Factors Contributing to Pathogenesis of Proliferative Lupus Nephritis

Dr. Fu’s work hopes to turn traditional views on lupus nephritis upside down and could change how it is treated dramatically.  He hypothesizes that the kidney itself can drive kidney disease, not as a complication of systemic lupus, but as an independent process. His team has shown that kidney cells help promote development of kidney failure because they release molecules such as C1q, a protein that helps activate a part of the immune system.

What this study means for people with lupus

Dr. Fu’s study aims to reveal how these C1q molecules released by kidney cells determine which patients develop kidney failure. They hope to identify whether targeting C1q offers a potential therapy and if measuring the levels of this molecule in the urine can help diagnose severity of kidney damage and monitor response to treatment

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