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Julio A. Camarero, PhD

USC/University of Southern California
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Therapeutic Selective Targeting of BAFF Receptors

Despite compelling evidence that the molecule BAFF, which stands for B-cell activating factor, plays a significant role in the development of lupus, current treatment that targets this molecule offers only a modest, if any, clinical benefit to patients. Dr. Camarero’s research will study the therapeutic effect of targeting a specific set of BAFF receptors that seems to be the main culprit in causing damage. Selective inhibition of two of the BAFF receptors could offer a novel and superior treatment for lupus.


What this study means for people with lupus

Dr. Camarero’s innovative research aims to improve on the current treatment which uses antibodies to eliminate the molecule known as BAFF that stimulates the production of B-cells. He and his team will target specific receptors, molecules that respond to and activate the BAFF molecule, rather than BAFF itself, to increase effectiveness and provide a new and exciting treatment for lupus.

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