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Lee Ann Garrett-Sinha, PhD

Associate Professor
The Research Foundation for The SUNY University at Buffalo

Understanding the Pathway Regulated by the Lupus Susceptibility Gene Ets1

The Ets1 gene creates a protein also called Ets1 that regulates how B cells block the production of antibodies. As a result, some lupus patients who have low levels of this protein have high levels of autoantibodies. Dr. Garrett-Sinha’s research will improve our understanding of why some patients who have low levels of the Ets1 protein have increased levels of autoantibodies, how B cells from human lupus patients with low levels of the Ets1 protein are different from normal B cells and what happens when we increase the Ets1 protein to try and affect B cells. They will then be able to suggest ways that might restore the Ets1’s levels and develop new treatments for lupus.


What this study means for people with lupus

Dr. Garrett-Sinha will explore why in some lupus patients a specific gene, Ets1, produces lower levels of a protein that helps restrict production of autoantibodies. With this insight, she aims to identify ways potential treatments could restore proper levels of this important protein and reduce autoantibody production in lupus patients.

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