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Roger Greenberg, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Cancer Biology
University of Pennsylvania
Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute

BRISC DUB Activity as a Novel Target for Lupus

Dr. Greenberg and his colleagues have discovered that mice that lack a certain cluster of interacting proteins, known as BRISC, don’t develop lupus. Their previous research identified several molecules that block BRISC and might be able to quell lupus symptoms. They now plan to test whether these molecules are beneficial in mice that develop the disease. They will also fine-tune the molecules to make them more effective, with the hope that they will lead to new therapies for the disease.


What this study means for people with lupus

Dr. Greenberg has identified a new culprit in lupus, a group of interacting proteins. He and his team are developing molecules that will block these proteins, which could lead to new treatments for lupus.

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