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Walk with Us to Cure Lupus Program

The Lupus Research Alliance’s signature national fundraising program Walk with Us to Cure Lupus (Walk) began in 2002 with its first Walk in Washington, DC. Today, tens of thousands of volunteers from across the country have joined the LRA’s quest to find a cure for lupus. Friends, families and co-workers share their stories and their spirit, while raising funds for lupus research. To date, the Walk with Us to Cure Lupus program has raised nearly $39 million for lupus research. 100% of all the money raised through the Walk program goes directly to support lupus research programs, because the LRA Board of Directors funds all administrative and fundraising costs.

For 2020, the LRA is reimagining the Walk celebration to help ensure everyone’s safety during the COVID-19 circumstances. Using the latest technology to simulate a live Walk event, we will feature inspirational speakers and interactive activities to celebrate on one day, as one community, behind one goal: to support lupus research programs that will unravel the complexity of this debilitating disease affecting people in many different ways. No one individual can do it alone — but ManyOne Can!

We hope you will join the ManyOne Can. Walk with Us to Cure Lupus event along with your friends, family members, co-workers and the entire lupus community. Walk wherever and whenever you like to raise funds, and come together on September 12th to applaud everyone’s success.

The first steps start with you!

Join us! Click here to register. If you’ve already registered for previously scheduled 2020 Walk, we need you to re-register here. Once you register, we’ll transfer all your existing fundraising dollars on the website for you!

Suggested Fundraising Minimum: $25. The goal of the Walk program is to help the LRA further its mission to prevent, treat and cure lupus by raising funds for lupus research. All participants are encouraged to raise a minimum of $25. Please contact us at 866-925-5257 or walks@lupusresearch.org if you have any questions or need help with your fundraising efforts.

What can I do NOW for Lupus Research?

Let’s rally our collective energies and continue to support the LRA mission – to fund research that can change the lives of people with lupus. 100% of all money raised for ManyOne Can. Walk goes directly to fund vital research programs. There’s lot of ways to get going:

  1. Build your team. Online, there’s no limit. Your team can be one or two people — or thousands!
  2. Fundraise. Use the ManyOne Can. Walk with Us to Cure website to tell your story and why raising vital funds for lupus research is so important to you. Consider a Facebook fundraiser in honor of your birthday, anniversary or holiday.
  3. Show the ManyOne Can! spirit. Wear purple t-shirts, laces, scarves, or even purple tutus and share your photo on social media with #ManyOneCan.
  4. Share your story. Show the community why you support the Lupus Research Alliance. Share a video on social media and post with a link to your fundraising page.
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