DNA graphic

Boris Reizis, PhD

New York University School of Medicine
Pathology, Medicine

Origin, Regulation and Therapeutic Targeting of Extracellular DNA

Dr. Reizis and his team are pursuing a novel idea that could explain what causes lupus, why flares develop, and how a treatment might be developed to prevent the attack. It has been shown that billions of cells die every day in our blood
and release their DNA packaged into small containers called microparticles. they believe that the abnormal buildup of DNA in these microparticles can cause the immune attack to begin and that the microparticles may provide vehicles for the DNA to travel throughout the body, causing the immune system to attack specific organs in their wake.

What this study means for people with lupus
Dr. Reizis will study how the DNA-carrying microparticles form and how the body normally gets rid of this DNA. they also plan to develop techniques that eliminate this DNA to provide a basis for future lupus treatments.

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